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September 16, 20200

Over the last few months I have engaged in countless dialogues, presentations and coaching sessions all focused on how we can, once and for all, shift our respective organizational cultures to foster palpable diversity, equity and inclusion. In full disclosure, it’s not easy. To make matters worse, there is one dynamic that I’m seeing derail DEI teams and task forces everywhere. That dynamic is group discord and isolation, especially between people on different ends of their DEI journeys. This isn’t healthy conflict, often it derails organizational progress. There is a real need for baseline team knowledge and alignment within and outside of organizations.

Which is why, over the next few months, I will be releasing a four-part blog series entitled: Beyond Training: How to Create a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture In Current Times. In each post, I will share my business and life experiences alongside evidence-based approaches that will help you lead and/or inspire your organization to make real progress. I’m hoping that each of these blog posts inspires you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, to make a difference in your organization and to make a difference in the world.

Throughout September and October, I will be releasing articles on these four topics:

  1. You’ve Released a Company Statement (or Two), Now What? How to Step Out of Your Sedentary Silence
  2. Empathizing With Your Employees: Creating a Culture of (Psychologically Safe) DEI Conversations
  3. Full Speed Ahead?: Balancing DEI Action with Advocacy
  4. Bringing It All Together: Pacing Yourself on the Journey Ahead

I encourage you to read, and share what you find helpful with your community. If you are not often on LinkedIn, join my mailing list and you can get each post delivered to your mailbox.

I’m looking forward to interacting with you, hearing your feedback and receiving your success stories. Let’s continue re-committing to doing the hard work over the long haul!

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LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.

LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.