Speaking - LaTonya Wilkins Coaching & Consulting
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I am available to speak at conferences and events on topics including:

HR Innovation

Diversity & Inclusion

Leadership and Growth

Here is a sampling of my recent speaking engagements to date:

  • Disrupt HR Chicago – Dear HR: Stop Creating Wicked Problems (April 2017)

  • Influencing for Women of Color – (April 8, 2018)

  • Central Illinois Human Resources Group HR Hacks – Design Thinking HR Hacks on the following topics(Summer 2018):

    • Narrowing the Gender Wage Gap

    • Influencing Leaders in Hiring and Retention Processes

    • Maintaining Morale in Times of Crisis

  • Disrupt HR Podcast – HR Uncensored – Topic: Diversity & Inclusion (April 2018) https://player.fm/series/hr-uncensored-podcast/hr-uncensored-powered-by-disrupthr-chicago-latonya-wilkins

  • Coaching Your Way to Success: Developing and Engaging Underrepresented Employees at Work (See a clip to the left).

  • Oh Sh*t: Leading When You Have No Idea What’s Going On (Ongoing Workshop)
  • Representing While Underrepresented: Excelling as the Only One 

    I also speak on many other business, leadership and motivational topics. Contact me for more information (latonya@latonyawilkins.com).


In addition to running workshops and speaking at conferences and events, I also have a #tipstuesday Instagram series. Each micro-learning episode features an entrepreneur, thought leader or career expert that will provide you with quick tips that you can apply to your business and life. I have included a sampling here and, if you are not on Instagram, you can find the others on my YouTube channel.

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