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LaTonya is available to speak at conferences and events on many business, leadership, and empowerment topics including:

HR Innovation

Diversity & Inclusion

Leadership, Change and Growth

Past Speaking Engagements

LaTonya’s most recent speaking engagements:

Empowerment Talks

Representing While Underrepresented: Excelling as the Only One

Being the only one at work can be isolating to the point that you don’t get your best work done. Women, people of color, LGBTQ+ professionals and others often find themselves excited for their first day at work not realizing there aren’t others like them around. This workshop will help you excel as the only one. Using neuroscience and performance science concepts, you will leave with an action plan and confidence that you can survive and thrive as the only one.


Breaking through as One of the Few

How do I break through as one of the few? You may be one of the few women, people of color, LGBTQ+ professionals or others in your organization but that doesn’t dull your unrelenting drive to excel in your organization. And, it shouldn’t. How exactly do you break through as one of the only few? In this talk/workshop, you will learn winning strategies to help you break through as one of the only few. You will also get to practice all of the strategies.


Purpose and Paycut Don’t belong in the Same Sentence

Are you living your life purpose? When most people answer that question, they acknowledge they are not living their purpose. But, they have an invalid excuse, they don’t want to take a pay cut. What if I told you that purpose and pay cut don’t belong in the same sentence? In this talk you will realize your life your purpose and learn to focus on what you will gain, not what you will lose by living your purpose. By the end, you will agree that purpose and pay cut don’t belong in the same sentence.


Leadership and Inclusion Talks


Below the Surface Leadership: The Key to Building Amazing Relationships With People that Are Different From You

Did you know that underrepresented groups are more likely to feel alienated at work and leave their jobs than their colleagues? Also, people that are not underrepresented still have a hard time organically connecting with people different from them. For organizations trying to build exemplary cultures, this effect can be challenging. How can you better connect with employees that are different from you? We all want to but have not quite figured it out. Diversity programs help us increase our numbers but don’t truly help us connect with others. In this talk/workshop, you will learn natural techniques to help you connect with others that are different from you. Using science-based strategies, you will learn what you have been doing wrong and how you can build the amazing culture you have always wanted.


Leading/Coaching People That Are Different From You

In an ever changing world, leading now heavily involves doing so with others that are different from you. Without even knowing it, we tend to favor those similar to us. How can we recognize our biases and become exceptional leaders, especially amongst those that are different from us? In this talk, you will learn how to recognize biases and take actions to be an extraordinary leaders of others different from you.


Oh Sh*t: Leading With Confidence When You Have No Idea What’s Going On

Maybe you are a rockstar or maybe you got your foot in the door of a quickly growing organization. Either way, you continue to get promoted before you are ready. But, imposter syndrome is real and, deep down, you feel like you have no idea what’s going on. How do you lead with confidence even when your inner critic says you are not ready? In this talk you will learn just that – how to lead when you have no idea what’s going on. Using science based strategies, you will return to the office reinvigorated and ready to lead.


How to Be an Exceptional Ally

Did you know that less than 20% of allies are active LGBTQ+ allies? Both organizations and allies deserve better. Allies help propel us into the future. Without them, progress is not possible. So, how can you be an amazing ally? As an organization, how can you develop amazing allies? In this talk you will learn about real strategies to create and be amazing allies.

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In addition to running workshops and speaking at conferences and events, LaTonya also has a #tipstuesday Instagram series. Each micro-learning episode features an entrepreneur, thought leader or career expert that will provide you with quick tips that you can apply to your business and life. LaTonya has included a sampling here and, if you are not on Instagram, you can find the others on her YouTube channel.