LaTonya speaks to a variety of environments including corporations (large audiences or private teams), organizations, and conferences. Below the surface concepts are at the heart of all of her talks.

A sampling of topics:

Leading Below the Surface: Becoming the Leader that the Future Needs You to Be

Exploring the future of work and the world’s biggest problems + how leading below the surface will help you navigate them.


How to Take Your ERGs to the Next Level Through Leading Below the Surface

The three pillars of below the surface leadership and how to apply them to supercharge your ERGs.


Psychological Safety: Why it’s a Vital Leadership Skill and How to Create it on Your Team

The detailed ins and outs of psychological safety, common mishaps when trying to create psychological safety, and how to measure success. 


How to Create a Culture of Belonging through Leading Below the Surface

What a culture of belonging looks like and how to create one through leading below the surface.


Coaching People Who Are Different from You / Coaching Below the Surface

Common mishaps and how to overcome them when leading and coaching people who are different from ourselves. 


Becoming the Equitable Leader You Always Wanted to Be

The definition of equity and how to have an equity mindset as a leader.


How to Be An Amazing Ally

The three levels of allyship, myths, and an actionable allyship model moving forward.


Leading Below the Surface: How Small Shifts in Your Leadership Will Lead to Big Shifts in Your Organization

The three prongs of below the surface leadership and how small leadership shifts can lead to big cultural shifts.

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LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.

LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.