LaTonya Wilkins Is an Insightful and Passionate Diversity and Inclusion Speaker

LaTonya has inspired groups of all sizes as a diversity speaker with keynotes, workshops, and presentations. Her experiences as a diversity coach and leader in the corporate and consulting spaces make for relatable, engaging, and eye-opening lessons about equity and belonging in the workplace. She is known for her warm and approachable style, and concepts from Leading Below the Surface are at the heart of all of her talks.

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“LaTonya was the kick-off speaker for our ICF Virtual Midwest Coaches conference series. Her session was insightful, dynamic, and engaging. When our conference had to go virtual due to COVID, we were concerned some speakers would not be able to engage in the virtual space. LaTonya made the transition perfectly. I would highly recommend LaTonya as a speaker and Diversity, Inclusion & Equity thought leader.”

Nicole Pulito

Gulan Pulito Coaching & Consulting

“I met LaTonya at the UIC Business conference “Women Rising Together” on International Women’s Day. She delivered a keynote speech about “Three Steps to Your Ridiculous Rise.” LaTonya passionately encouraged us to trust ourselves and be who we are. I was very inspired by her. LaTonya was also very kind and patient answering all my questions after the conference. Her coaching immediately made me more courageous. I definitely recommend LaTonya as a career coach or keynote speaker.”

Yuping Churrk

UIC Women’s Network


Leading Below the Surface: Becoming the Leader that the Future Needs You to Be

Exploring the future of work and the world’s biggest problems + how leading below the surface will help you navigate them.


How to Take Your ERGs to the Next Level Through Leading Below the Surface

The three pillars of below the surface leadership and how to apply them to supercharge your ERGs.


Psychological Safety: Why it’s a Vital Leadership Skill and How to Create it on Your Team

The detailed ins and outs of psychological safety, common mishaps when trying to create psychological safety, and how to measure success. 


How to Create a Culture of Belonging through Leading Below the Surface

What a culture of belonging looks like and how to create one through leading below the surface.


Coaching People Who Are Different from You / Coaching Below the Surface

Common mishaps and how to overcome them when leading and coaching people who are different from ourselves. 


Becoming the Equitable Leader You Always Wanted to Be

The definition of equity and how to have an equity mindset as a leader.


How to Be An Amazing Ally

The three levels of allyship, myths, and an actionable allyship model moving forward.


Leading Below the Surface: How Small Shifts in Your Leadership Will Lead to Big Shifts in Your Organization

The three prongs of below the surface leadership and how small leadership shifts can lead to big cultural shifts.

“LaTonya is a very engaging presenter. While I was working at Backstop Solutions, we hired LaTonya to conduct a session on how to be an amazing ally during our Pride month celebration. She was absolutely fantastic and kept the energy going in the room through exercises, sharing facts/data, Q&A, and inspirational messages.”

Andy Santos


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LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.

LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.