Every organization we work with faces different challenges. Each has unique goals for creating cultures of belonging. Some have specific challenges to navigate. Others broadly want to create an environment where all of their employees can truly bring their entire selves to work. The long-term goal is creating an equitable work environment.

With that said, your organization may want to invest in one of these services individually, but many of our clients find more success by combining a few of them to create a program that’s custom-fit for their current team needs.

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

We offer 1:1 leadership coaching to emerging, mid-level, and senior level leaders. We are certified in several different leadership assessments. We specialize in:

  • Removing roadblocks and develop success strategies in your career
  • Navigating challenging cultures
  • Achieving authenticity and success at work while being the only one at work
  • Effectively leading teams and managing challenging stakeholders
  • First 90-days leadership coaching
  • Coaching to position yourself for a progressive leadership role

Team Coaching

We offer team coaching to organizations. We specialize in:

  • Creating Cultures of Belonging
  • New executive team formation
  • Building more effective and psychologically safe teams
  • Fostering diversity and inclusion on your executive team and beyond
  • Gaining team self-awareness and executing success plans

*We also coach executive teams through change management initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions and downsizing, leadership transitions, executive onboarding, large-scale change, and more.

Workshop group

Customized Workshops

For organizations looking for large-scale cultural change, we offer customized workplace solutions including a package focused on human-centered design. We begin by using the five steps of design thinking to define what diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean to your organization and collaboratively define how to get there. We then introduce your team to empathic interviewing. The last steps are roadmapping and extensive coaching to ensure that your entire team grows and stays on track.

Workshop group

Creating Cultures of Belonging

We partner with clients to create cultures of belonging through intensive culture academies which combine team coaching, assessments, individual coaching, and bundled workshops for leadership teams. Each academy is customized so we can make it work to fit your company’s individual needs.

Creating Inclusive Leadership Curriculum

We advise on how to create inclusive leadership curriculum, and can help build curriculum using Leading Below the Surface.

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LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.

LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.