LaTonya offers individual and organizational coaching

Career & Leadership Transitions Coaching


  • Remove roadblocks and develop success strategies for your career
  • Understand and leverage your strengths for a successful career as a leader
  • Earn what you are worth

Executive Coaching



  • Build more effective teams and better relationships
  • Create and execute success plans
  • Gain self-awareness and remove roadblocks
  • Receive assessments from a trained and certified coach

Business Coaching


    • Start, focus and/or expand your entrepreneurial venture
    • Participate in group coaching and growth and team building workshops
    • Bring on an expert for your consulting engagements

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LaTonya consults on many topics





  • Culture
  • Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Strategy
  • Change Management





  • Women/People of Color
  • Engaging Underrepresented Employees
  • Inclusive Talent Development

Leadership & Growth



  • Values-Based Leadership
  • Assessment-Based Leadership Retreats
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership

As Founder and CEO of The Change Coaches, LLC, LaTonya helps organizations leverage coaching to create sustainable, large-scale change in the workplace including diversity & inclusion, technology implementation and culture change