LaTonya Wilkins Coaching & Consulting | About
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About me

LaTonya consults and speaks on a variety of topics including business and leadership topics in the workplace

LaTonya’s career has been shaped by roles she has held working for highly admired companies in progressive, newly created, talent management roles, she has expanded to work in academia and has advised dozens of arts entrepreneurs and small businesses on topics such as strategic planning, organizational development, and board development. LaTonya is currently the President of the True Star Youth Foundation board, which is a social entrepreneurship company that aspires to be the future global BuzzFeed for youth.  These diverse engagements have molded LaTonya into a highly versatile leader that achieves results across industries.  LaTonya is also a speaker, a diversity and inclusion pioneer, and a career, life and leadership coach. She co-founded GrowthSpurt, a community growth and a 1:1 coaching organization, and is currently in the process of becoming an ICF certified coach. LaTonya regularly writes and presents on topics such as the LGBTQ+ employee experience, organizational culture, inclusion, leadership and coaching on her Wicked Problems at Work blog ( She believes that the future of diversity lies in putting people, not programs, first (Inclusive Talent Development), which involves embracing the authenticity of underrepresented groups.  Her speaking spans many topics including HR Innovation, Organizational Culture, and HR Wicked Problems (Disrupt HR Chicago). In her spare time, LaTonya enjoys biking, hiking and reading. She also believes in the power of mindfulness and integrates the concepts into her work as much as possible.