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August 3, 20210

We are getting closer to my book launch date in October for Leading Below the Surface, and I am thrilled to have more news to share with you! Over the last month or so, I have been putting the final touches on the book and shifting gears from production to launch mode. As I have started to reach out to former clients and others who are excited about below the surface leadership, I’ve been reminded just how unique and much-needed this project is.

Foreword by Amy Edmondson

My first bit of exciting news is that author and Novartis Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School Amy Edmondson wrote an amazing foreword for Leading Below the Surface. If you have done any reading about psychological safety (or DEIB in general), you have probably come across some of her work. Amy’s ideas have been extremely influential for me, and psychological safety is right at the epicenter of below the surface leadership. I knew I wanted her to be involved with this project ever since I first started writing the book, and I am honored that she is endorsing it in this powerful way.

Below the Surface Briefs

If you can’t wait to get a sneak peek at what it looks like to be a below the surface leader, follow me on Clubhouse and keep an eye out for Below the Surface Briefs! I’ll be hosting these periodic chats starting in August to share some of the most important concepts in the book in a fun, interactive way. If you’re not on Clubhouse or you can’t make the talks, I’ll also be sharing the highlights on Instagram. I am looking forward to the amazing connections that are sure to come out of these talks!

On the Horizon

As my team and I continue to ramp up the book promotion process, I will be out and about doing talks and recording podcasts—more exciting podcast-related news coming soon! I’m also thinking about where this book can make the biggest difference; one goal of mine is to get students discussing it in business school classrooms. Every day we’re getting one step closer to making this book a real thing (it’s already available for preorder here), and I can’t wait to start sharing it with the world.

Below the Surface: The Movement

If you have any books about leadership on your shelf, go take a look at who’s on the back cover. Or click over to Amazon and see what authors are making the bestseller list for leadership and business management. How many of those authors are white men? Are their stories relatable for today’s diverse workforce? Are their ideas on how to create success inclusive and sustainable for people who don’t look like them? Are you tired of reading the same best practices and “hustle culture” stuff preaching the same version of success for everyone?

Leading Below the Surface is full of anecdotes and examples from my career, but it is much more than “this worked for me, so you can do it too!” I pulled concepts from organizational culture research, social psychology, and neuroscience frameworks to create a new value system for people, not just executives. The old must-haves of speed, meritocracy, decisiveness, high energy, and relentlessness are replaced with REAL leadership qualities: being Relatable, Equitable, Aware, and Loyal. The book is full of thought-provoking questions and engaging exercises that make it an effective self-coaching tool for making real change in your mindset, behavior, and culture.

I wrote this book to put these ideas in the hands of people like you who want to make a difference in your workplace and community. It’s going to take a lot of us to replace our toxic, tired corporate culture with an authentic culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. I truly believe Leading Below the Surface is the tool we need to finally “move the needle,” as they say.

Be a part of this movement by preordering your copy and joining me on social media. Let’s get below the surface and make some real change!

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LaTonya Wilkins. All rights reserved.